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Millions of American children are in desperate need of the opportunity for success that Head Start and Early Head Start offer. National Head Start Association’s (NHSA) advocacy efforts raise awareness of their need and help to keep the window of opportunity open for more children.

 Not a single dollar of federal funds or NHSA membership dues is spent in support of advocacy work.

For just one dollar for every child currently enrolled, NHSA can ensure that the voices of Head Start children and their families are heard loudly and clearly! Through advocacy work, NHSA strives to make sure the right people hear the voices of the Head Start community. Voluntary contributions—through the Dollar per Child Campaign—are the critical source of advocacy support.

The Dollar per Child Campaign acknowledges the community focus and the central role of parents that make Head Start and Early Head Start unique and effective. Parents should be the lead force in creating any Dollar per Child Campaign event or activity and staff, during non-work hours, should take a supporting role.

The Dollar per Child Campaign is also a great opportunity to involve the community. Connecting with local businesses, agencies, and community groups not only helps to strengthen an event, but can be a great way to reach out and send the message of the importance of Head Start and Early Head Start programs in the community.

An example of a simple fundraising activity is “Feed the Pig.” With permission, place a piggy bank (or any container which can collect coins) in the foyer or a readily accessible spot within a local business or community center. Post a flier explaining that the pig is hungry for donations that will go to the Dollar per Child Campaign.

Let’s all do our part to support advocacy efforts to protect and improve Head Start!

For more information on Dollar per Child, visit For more guidance on how to implement a Dollar per Child Campaign, please contact Sandra Ybanez at

 Adapted from NHSA, “Dollar per Child Toolkit.”