Our Office

Head Start and Early Learning Division Office:

10100 Pioneer Blvd., Suite 325
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Call us at: 562-940-1770
Fax us at: 562-940-1740

For media inquiries:

Paula Bridges, Public Information Officer

ChildPlus Technical Support
(for LACOE agencies): 562-940-1815, Option 2

For referral to a Head Start/Early Head Start Program:
1-877-PRE-K-KID   (1-877-773-5543)

Our Staff

Last Name:First Name:Position:Email:
Abarca Gabby HS Family & Community Engagement Consultant Abarca_Gabby@lacoe.edu 
Alford Lovell Assistant Director, FCA Alford_Lovell@lacoe.edu 
Anderson Debi Program Manager, Community Outreach Anderson_Debi@lacoe.edu 
Arakelyan Anush HS Child Development & Education Specialist Arakelyan_Anush@lacoe.edu 
Arguta Verlita Budget Analyst Arguta_Verlita@lacoe.edu 
Bautista Luis Executive DirectorBautista_Luis@lacoe.edu 
Beltramo Fernando Facilities Planning Officer Beltramo_Fernando@lacoe.edu 
Beltran Dulce Senior Typist Clerk, Bilingual Spanish Beltran_Dulce@lacoe.edu 
Bracamontes Juan HS Fiscal Liaison Bracamontes_Juan@lacoe.edu 
Brown Choral HS Delegate Liaison Team Leader Brown_Choral@lacoe.edu 
Burch Cameron HS Delegate Liaison Team Leader Burch_Cameron@lacoe.edu 
Burns Carmen Community Outreach Consultant Burns_Carmen@lacoe.edu 
Campos Ana Assistant Director, PRD Campos_Ana@lacoe.edu 
CaponeAngela Program Manager, Training & Technical AssistanceCapone_Angela@lacoe.edu
Carmona Oscar Senior Language Interpreter/Translator Carmona_Oscar@lacoe.edu 
Choi Steven HS Fiscal Liaison Choi_Steven@lacoe.edu 
ChoyLourdes Business Operations CoordinatorChoy_Lourdes@lacoe.edu
Clark Al Provisional Budget Analyst Clark_Al@lacoe.edu 
Colin Osvaldo LT Program Manager, Program ServicesColin_Osvaldo@lacoe.edu 
Cook Liliana LT HSEL AnalystCook_Liliana@lacoe.edu 
Cubias Fernando HS Business Operations Manager Cubias_Fernando@lacoe.edu 
CutlipJenniferOffice Assistant cutlip_jennifer@lacoe.edu
Davis Kathrine HS Health Consultant Davis_Kathrine@lacoe.edu 
De La Riva Silvia Mental Health Consultant DeLaRiva_Silvia@lacoe.edu 
DeVille LaTanya Mobile Classroom Driver DeVille_LaTanya@lacoe.edu 
Donnell Camille Progam Mgr., Fiscal Liaison Donnell_Camille@lacoe.edu 
Escobedo-Madrid Maria HS Child Development & Education Specialist Escobedo-Madrid_Maria@lacoe.edu 
Fabian Victoria Senior Data Processing Specialist Fabian_Victoria@lacoe.edu 
FantilloRojie Facilities Planning SpecialistFantillo_Rojie@lacoe.edu
Florimon Fred Delivery Driver Florimon_Fred@lacoe.edu 
Fregoso-Graciano Norma HS Child Development & Education Consultant Graciano_Norma@lacoe.edu 
Gamboa Navi Administrative Assistant Gamboa_Navi@lacoe.edu 
Garcia Dulce HS Child Development & Education Specialist Garcia_Dulce@lacoe.edu 
Garcia Nancy Secretary Bilingual Spanish Garcia_Nancy@lacoe.edu 
Gonzales Haydee Budget Technician Gonzales_Haydee@lacoe.edu 
Gonzalez Briseida HS Child Development & Education Consultant Gonzalez_Briseida@lacoe.edu 
Gonzalez Sandra HS Child Development & Education Consultant Gonzalez_SandraG@lacoe.edu 
Graham Robert HS Fiscal Liaison Graham_Robert@lacoe.edu 
Greene Patricia HS Child Development & Education Consultant Greene_Patricia@lacoe.edu 
Gutierrez Eva Prov. Child Development & Education Specialist Gutierrez_Eva@lacoe.edu 
Gutierrez Rodner HS Application Architect Gutierrez_Rodner@lacoe.edu 
Hall Debra HS Health Consultant Hall_Debra@lacoe.edu 
Hanlon Lindsey Head Start & Early Learning Grants Consultant Hanlon_Lindsey@lacoe.edu 
Hauge Nina HS Delegate Liaison Team Leader Hauge_Nina@lacoe.edu 
Hernandez Jonathan Program Manager, Program Data & Records ManagementHermandez_Jonathan@lacoe.edu 
Ho Lee Training and Technical Assistance Specialist Ho_Lee@lacoe.edu 
Hubbard Ebonie Program Manager, Early Learning OutcomesHubbard_Ebonie@lacoe.edu 
Huynh Frank Microcomputer Support Technician Huynh_Frank@lacoe.edu 
Jackson Julie Division Secretary Jackson_Julie@lacoe.edu 
JacksonSherrellProvisional HS Program Development AssistantJackson_Sherrell@lacoe.edu
Jimenez Chavez Rosalia HS Child Development & Education Specialist Jimenez_Rosalia@lacoe.edu 
Johnson Rei HS Health Consultant Johnson_Rei@lacoe.edu 
Jones-Mitchell Danèe Training & Technical Assistance Specialist Jones-Mitchell_Danee@lacoe.edu 
KungWilmaHS Budget AnalystKung_Wilma@lacoe.edu 
Leavitt Samantha HS Disabilities Services ConsultantLeavitt_Samantha@lacoe.edu 
LeeCatherine Head Start Fiscal LiaisonLee_Catherine@lacoe.edu
Legerton Colin                                  HS Communications Specialist Legerton_Colin@lacoe.edu 
Ligeralde Patrick Facilities Planning Specialist Ligeralde_Patrick@lacoe.edu 
Loera Frank Delivery Driver Loera_Frank@lacoe.edu 
Loper Yolanda Program Development Specialist Loper_Yolanda@lacoe.edu 
Lopez Jackie Coordinator III Lopez_Jacqueline@lacoe.edu 
Lucero Norma Senior Typist Clerk, Bilingual Spanish Lucero_Norma@lacoe.edu 
Macias Rosa Head Start & Early Learning Grants Consultant Macias_Rosa@lacoe.edu 
Magana Juan Mobile Classroom Driver Magana_Juan@lacoe.edu 
Maldonado Cecilia HS Nutrition Consultant Maldonado_Cecilia@lacoe.edu 
Marin Sandra HS Nutrition Consultant Marin_Sandra@lacoe.edu 
Marquez Christina Program Control ConsultantMarquez_Christina@lacoe.edu 
Meggerson Dawn HS Mental Health Consultant Meggerson_Dawn@lacoe.edu 
Mendoza Sandra Program Control Consultant Mendoza_Sandra@lacoe.edu 
Monge Hugo Facilities Planning Specialist Monge_Hugo@lacoe.edu 
Mora Maria Program Manager, Program Dev. Services Mora_Maria@lacoe.edu 
Morris Georgina HS Program Results Specialist Morris_Georgina@lacoe.edu 
Naal Hazel HS Delegate Liaison Team Leader Naal_Hazel@lacoe.edu 
Najjar Marwan Facilities Planning Specialist Najjar_Marwan@lacoe.edu 
OlivaresIngridProvisional Secretary olivares_ingrid@lacoe.edu
Omar Tonya HS Child Development & Education Specialist Omar_Tonya@lacoe.edu 
OropezaCindyHS Child Development & Education Specialist Oropeza_Cindy@lacoe.edu
Ortiz Dennis Language Interpreter/Translator Ortiz_Dennis@lacoe.edu 
Pacheco Marissa HS Child Development & Education Consultant Pacheco_Marissa@lacoe.edu 
Palomino Teresa HS Disabilities Services Specialist Palomino_Teresa@lacoe.edu 
Paniagua Efren HS Child Development & Education Consultant Paniagua_Efren@lacoe.edu 
Parra Robert HS Program Results Specialist Parra_Robert@lacoe.edu 
Paster John Graphic Artist Paster_John@lacoe.edu 
Peebles Benjamin Senior Data Processing Specialist Peebles_Benjamin@lacoe.edu 
Peralta Beatrice Prov. Program Manager, Interdisciplinary ServicesPeralta_Beatrice@lacoe.edu 
Pickell Janell HS Disabilities Services Specialist Pickell_Janell@lacoe.edu 
Pinedo Rosie Language Interpreter/Translator Pinedo_Rosie@lacoe.edu 
Ponce Tracy Division Secretary Ponce_Tracy@lacoe.edu 
PrasadSangitaHSEL Analyst Prasad_Sangita@lacoe.edu
Praslin Linda Division Secretary Praslin_Linda@lacoe.edu 
Preciado Juan HS Disabilities Consultant Preciado_Juan@lacoe.edu 
Raghib Jean HS PM, Governance and Parent Development  Raghib_Jean@lacoe.edu 
Ramirez Jennifer HS Child Development & Education Consultant Ramirez_Jennifer@lacoe.edu 
ReyesLauraHSEL AnalystReyes_Laura@lacoe.edu
Rivas Alicia HS Program Manager, Data Analysis and Evaluation Rivas_Alicia@lacoe.edu 
Rivas Nina HS Child Development & Education Consultant Rivas_Nina@lacoe.edu 
Rivera Joseph HS Disabilities Consultant Rivera_Joseph@lacoe.edu 
Robinson Sonja Assistant Director, Workforce Development & Professional LearningRobinson_Sonja@lacoe.edu 
RodriguezSardisDelegate Liaison Team LeaderRodriguez_Sardis@lacoe.edu
Rodriguez Vickie Secretary Rodriguez_Vickie@lacoe.edu 
Roy Stephaney Program Development Asst Roy_Stephaney@lacoe.edu 
Santa Cruz Reina Distance Learning Resources Specialist SantaCruz_Reina@lacoe.edu 
Smith Kevin HS Program Manager, Interdisciplinary Svs. Smith_Kevin@lacoe.edu 
Soto Maribel HS Program Results Specialist Soto_Maribel@lacoe.edu 
Strauser Alicia Secretary Strauser_Alicia@lacoe.edu 
Swaminathan Lalitha HS Program Results Specialist Swaminathan_Lalitha@lacoe.edu 
Tate CathyHS Child Dev. & Ed. ConsultantTate_Cathy@lacoe.edu 
Tefferi Nardos HS Fiscal Liaison Liaison Tefferi_Nardy@lacoe.edu 
Torres Jesus Program Control Consultant  Torres_Jesus@lacoe.edu 
Torres MaryAnn Senior Data Processing Specialist Torres_MaryAnn@lacoe.edu 
Trejo Gabriela HS Child Development & Education Specialist Trejo_Gabriela@lacoe.edu 
Tuadi Stefani Budget Technician Tuadi_Stefani@lacoe.edu 
Tuttle Jenelle HS Child Development & Education Consultant Tuttle_Jenelle@lacoe.edu 
Valencia Elizabeth Senior Division Secretary Valencia_Elizabeth@lacoe.edu 
Velasquez Sharon Facilities Planning Specialist Velasquez_Sharon@lacoe.edu 
Villanueva Guadalupe HS Family & Community Engagement Consultant Villanueva_Guadalupe@lacoe.edu 
Viveros Daisy HS Child Development & Education Specialist Viveros_Daisy@lacoe.edu 
Wallace Kirsten HS Child Development & Education Consultant Wallace_Kirsten@lacoe.edu 
WidjajaDaisy Budget AnalystWidjaja_Daisy@lacoe.edu
Williams Sandra Assistant Director, Program Design & EffectivenessWilliams_Sandra@lacoe.edu 
Wong Albert Senior Data Processing Specialist Wong_Albert@lacoe.edu 
Wu Emily HS Fiscal Liaison Wu_Emily@lacoe.edu 
Wu Tony Mental Health Consultant Wu_Tony@lacoe.edu 

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