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We are so excited to be offering this unique professional learning opportunity for TK teachers and TK instructional coaches to be part of this community of practice (CoP). This approach offers participants an opportunity to obtain the most current research-based curriculum, instruction, strategies and assessment approaches that are developmentally, culturally and linguistically appropriate for 4 year-old children. Participants will have the opportunity to share knowledge and best practices through facilitated conversations with their early learning colleagues. Each CoP session will focus on a specific topic of interest or problem of practice impacting TK classroom practices.


  • Engage in facilitated conversations with your peers.
  • Build community and relationships to learn from each other.
  • Develop a shared repertoire of resources: experiences, stories, tools, ways of addressing recurring problems—in short, a shared practice.

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For more information about this or other TK professional learning, contact Jacqueline Lopez, Early Learning Coordinator at Tel: (562) 922-6118 or email