Welcome to spring, Head Start and Early Learning family! After making it through last month’s historic downpours, we will now be rewarded with new sprouts and new life all around us. Just as we see our early efforts in children’s lives blossom over weeks, months, and years. And now, months of dedication poured into our three-day ECEvolution Conference and five-year strategic plan are also bearing fruit.

This March, as we convene LA County’s early learning community at the Beehive, and as we put the finishing touches on the first funding application of our new five-year project period, it does feel as though we are finally emerging from the pandemic winter into a hopeful new spring. While many challenges remain, we are resolved to face them—and overcome them—together.

Invigorated and rejuvenated by our new vision—Cultivating Relationships to Foster Communities of Excellence—and committed to being human-centered, innovative-minded, and learning-focused, I look forward to embracing new opportunities to better serve children, families, and communities together.

I encourage you to take a peek at our new strategic plan through a video here and PDF here, and I will share more in the Write Start issues ahead.