Being multilingual is a superpower! It’s been proven that children who learn two or more languages early in life have greater opportunities for academic, social, financial, and career success. Plus, children will grow up with a greater awareness of their culture, create more meaningful connections with friends and family, and enter kindergarten ready to succeed! 

Quality Start Los Angeles (QSLA) has created six NEW bilingual booklists in partnership with Los Angeles County Library, Los Angeles Public Library, and Pasadena Public Library. The six bilingual booklists are available in Armenian, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Tagalog. These booklists were made to support families in introducing their children to a variety of languages that may be spoken at home. Visit the QSLA website to access many more booklists by theme and don’t forget to visit QSLA’s read-aloud YouTube playlist to hear some of the books read aloud by their author!