Agency: Blind Children’s Center

 How did you learn about Early Head Start/Head Start?

I first heard about the Head Start program when my niece and nephew attended the program. I remember the staff being very friendly and thinking to myself that this can definitely be an option for my children.

Why did you choose Head Start?

My son was enrolled at the Blind Children’s Center when the agency began their transition to becoming a LACOE Head Start delegate agency. I was very happy with BCC’s program but also excited to see the new opportunities that BCC would have with LACOE and Head Start.

How has your agency supported you with your child’s learning?

I am very happy to say that all the staff at the center have been very involved with my son Lucas’s growth and development. Lucas has some developmental delays and the staff have done so much to meet his needs and help him reach his highest potential. They have also given me the resources and tools to help Lucas in the many different areas of his development.

 How has your agency supported you with your personal goals?

I am very grateful that the center provides my whole family with so much support. I have the opportunity to be a part of Blind Children’s Center’s parent committee. It’s given me leadership skills and allows me to work with others that have so many other skills. I also love that LACOE Head Start gives parents that opportunity to seek a career in their Head Start programs.

What advice would you give to another parent looking for a school for their infant/toddler?

I advise that they really understand their child’s needs because that will guide them to find the most appropriate program for their child. I would definitely recommend a Head Start program. Lucas has learned and grown so much at the Blind Children’s Center and that really tells me that he is in the right program.