Head Start has always been at the forefront of providing parents and legal guardians with opportunities to enhance their parenting skills through various activities. Abriendo Puertas is one of them.

Head Start Performance Standards (2016) require programs to offer parents a research-based parenting curriculum. LACOE actually began providing options to parents five years ago, and allowed delegate agencies to choose from Abriendo Puertas, Incredible Years, and the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundation for Early Learning (CSEFEL).

Abriendo Puertas is a user-friendly curriculum that promotes school readiness. It aligns with the Family Engagement Outcomes as outlined in the Office of Head Start’s Parent, Family and Community Engagement framework.  Since implementation, LACOE has trained over 200 family service workers and parents on the curriculum.   Many families have received direct services through implementation of the curriculum, which has hopefully enhanced the parents’ parenting skills.

Promoting school readiness through engaging evidenced-based workshops. Parent leaders and family services staff participate in an activity during the November 2017 LACOE Abriendo Puertas Facilitators Training Institute.

Currently, LACOE’s goal is for at least 50% of agencies to offer the curriculum to fidelity. Agencies will be required to offer all 10 sessions which will ensure families have the opportunity to develop advocacy and parenting skills as they support their children’s education.