When my younger son was five months old, I enrolled him in Early Head Start. A teacher coming to our house quickly became part of our weekly routine. After a few months, she told me that she was noticing some delays in my baby’s development: he didn’t produce certain sounds, he couldn’t control his tantrums, and he didn’t like certain sounds and textures.

This news was devastating for my husband and me, but the teacher comforted us and told us to see the positives to be able to help our baby. My son began to receive regular occupational, speech, and behavioral therapy and continued to spend time with the teacher.

Persistence and patience began to generate results when my son was two and a half. He started to connect syllables, use sign language, and not cry as much. It was just incredible. He sang during the teacher’s home visits and became interested in books and music. Little by little, he showed progress.

Early intervention in Early Head Start changed our lives. I would like to give special thanks to Miss Gaby for going above and beyond. I am proud to be part of the Pomona USD Child Development Program.