Emotional health affects an individual’s overall functioning and quality of life. During and post pandemic, there is a growing emphasis on improving emotional wellness due to the tremendous stress people have experienced. Using art to enhance emotional wellbeing can be a powerful practice. Here are some strategies to infuse art into your life.  

  • Create a comfortable space where you feel safe expressing yourself unconditionally. 
  • Play with different art mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpting, or digital art. Find the forms that resonate with your heart and soul.  
  • Use art as a means to express your feelings, whether they’re happiness, rage, sadness, or fear. 
  • Make art a regular part of your life. Consistent practice may provide a sense of stability over time.  
  • Start an art journal. Use it to document your thoughts, emotions, and experiences.  

 By focusing on art, you might soon experience an increased sense of joy in your life.