Eighteen months of the pandemic have shown that we never really know what’s coming around the bend. But it’s also reinforced the importance of planning and adapting, never waiting to react.

As California moves toward transitional kindergarten for all four-year-olds, the need for prenatal-to-three comprehensive services remains great. So our shift toward serving younger children will accelerate.

While we look to the future, we must also maintain excellence in the present. The Office of Head Start announced our Focus Area Two review will occur by June 2022. Last year, we aced our Focus Area One review with no findings. Now, we have the opportunity to showcase our unique, effective, and promising practices in Focus Area Two.

But there’s no need to “cram for the test” in order to bring your “A” game. Continue to focus on excellence in everything you do every day for children and families, and we’ll ace this review too!