Healthy kids learn better! Here at LACOE, we understand that health is the foundation of school readiness and an essential component for children’s growth and development. To remove barriers to access for families and ensure up-to-date health screenings, LACOE has collaborated with amazing community partners to develop and implement a pilot program to provide free on-site health screenings for children at our Head Start and Early Head Start (HS/EHS) centers this program year.

While we have made progress with completing health screenings, LACOE is eager to refine our approach by May 30, 2024. So, let’s get screening! Get essential lead, immunizations, and dental screenings for your child, all in one place.

Our Partners:

  • Veritas Healthcare Inc.: Lead screenings, immunizations, hemoglobin screenings
  • Western University College of Dentistry: Dental screenings
  • West Coast Dental: Dental screenings, assist in scheduling follow-up care

Please connect with your HS/EHS center to access this free service.