As Theresa Miranda, former Bassett USD Head Start parent and LACOE office assistant,reflects on her past few years of volunteering and working at LACOE Head Start and the many lessons that she has learned along the way, she cannot help but be proud of all her accomplishments.

Theresa initially began volunteering at her daughter’s school and the LACOE Policy Council as “a way to pay Head Start back” for her daughter’s schooling and to help give to those who helped her and her daughter, but she found that the more she gave to the program, the more the program gave in return. Theresa not only regained her confidence after a bad breakup, she was also given a job opportunity as a LACOE office assistant.

While at LACOE, Theresa completed the Family Development Credential class and earned an associate degree in human resources. She also learned many invaluable lessons like how to be an impactful speaker, because she learned how to influence other parents and “how it is not just for your child but for other children as well.” She learned “how to talk parents into taking the next step to being better advocates for their children.”

Theresa believes that if you run your own race by setting your own goals and remaining open to new answers, you will find success. This principle and her positive attitude led Theresa back to Bassett USD, where she was recently hired as a clerical assistant II. Her two-year goal is to use her new degree to move into a human resources position. She would also like to continue her schooling to earn a BA in human resources management.