Have you ever listened to someone speak and thought, “What’s their point?” You’re not alone. Many times, speakers say more than listeners can follow. That’s why the most powerful communication is often the shortest, even when talking to family members. An Irish proverb, “Say but little and say it well,” may be good advice, but how do you achieve that when you have so much to say?

Experts offer these tips:

  1. Organize your thoughts before you speak
  2. Focus on a few main points
  3. Use simple, direct language
  4. Do not over-explain
  5. Speak slower—it helps you stay on track and your listener stay focused

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s son once asked him how to deliver a great speech. FDR simply told his son, “Be brief, be sincere, be seated.” Being clear and concise will help you communicate with anyone and they will appreciate you for it.