There is currently a teacher shortage in Los Angeles County and across the state and nation, which is forcing programs to close classrooms and causing children and families to miss out on learning and support.

But the power of partnership is amazing: In an effort to address these shortages, LACOE and our delegate agencies are collaborating with Teachstone, West LA College, and the UCLAxCareerBridge program to allow Head Start parents to participate in LACOE’s Universal Prekindergarten Career Development Initiative (UPK-CDI). Currently, there are three Assistant Teacher pathways available for parents. In the spring, three more pathways will open up:

  1. For staff at our delegates who do not yet have an Associate Teacher Permit
  2. For Associate Teachers who would like to complete the requirements for a Teacher Permit
  3. Additional opportunities for parents to become Assistant Teachers

Think of that! Currently, there are 43 parent-students participating in the UPK-CDI Pathways, and potentially there will be 43 new Assistant Teachers with Associate Teacher Permits ready to fill vacancies! Thank you to our participating delegate agencies—and to their AMAZING teachers who are helping to change the face of early childhood education by growing our next generation of teachers. Participating agencies include:

  • CII
  • El Monte
  • Foundation
  • MAOF
  • Plaza
  • St. Anne’s
  • Pomona
  • PACE
  • ABC

We would love to have all delegates be a part of this powerful journey of developing and supporting our parents as well as shaping the future of our children and families. Completing each pathway requires the successful completion of:

  • Coursework
  • Teacher Preparation Academy
  • Classroom experience at our delegate agencies

Please reach out to Dr. Angela Capone, Early Learning Outcomes Program Manager, at if you would like to participate.