Top, from left: Ernest McCullough, Yolanda Loper, Nadia Barragan, and Stephaney Roy. Bottom, from left: Rosie Pinedo, Jessica Ayala, Maggie Iniguez, Carmen Burns, Dulce Beltran, and Rosa Macias. (Not photographed: Debi Anderson, Norma Barragan, Victoria Fabian, and Jennifer Jemmott).


The LACOE Community Outreach team works year-round to support delegate agencies with enrollment and recruitment needs.  This support includes (but is not limited to):

  • Performing community outreach at local events;
  • Distributing no-cost outreach materials to delegate agencies and community partners; and
  • Providing outreach/communications-specific training and technical assistance to delegate agencies.

For more information regarding Community Outreach activities, or if you are a LACOE staff member and want to become an Outreach All Star, please contact Debi Anderson at