The LACOE HSEL Distance and Virtual Learning program is a flexible, parent/caregiver-friendly learning option that fits into your family’s schedule and helps prepare your child for entering the next phase of their educational journey.

Distance and virtual learning also allows parents to take on the role as their child’s first teacher. Educators create partnerships with families and educate on how to meet their individual children’s academic and developmental needs in an appropriate way.

Here’s how Yulissa Carias, Policy Council Chair, has made the best of the pandemic to turn her home into a vibrant center of learning.

Q: How did you adapt your home to a Distance and Virtual Learning Environment?

A: “I turned their room into a classroom so they won’t feel left out. At home when it’s class time I talk to them as a teacher, not their mom.”

Q: What advice would you give to another Head Start parent struggling with Distance and Virtual Learning?

A: “To not give up. I know it’s hard and that there’s so many challenges but at this age is when kids absorb everything. I encourage every parent to teach their kids and help them out in any way they can and to take it one day at a time.