After many months of being safer-at-home, most of us have transitioned to in-person learning and working experiences. As is true for any transition, developmentally typical transitions are full of feelings from sadness to hope and everything in between, like layers of anxiety and apprehension. 

As children experience transitions, whether daily hellos and goodbyes or moving from one learning environment to the next, they need adults to be present with them to help them make sense of what they are feeling and cope with strong feelings. Adult responses and emotional availability are influenced both by the feeling the child is having and by the adult’s own history of access to an emotionally available adult when they were children themselves.

The developers of the Circle of Security talk about the importance of “Being-With” children when they are experiencing a full range of feelings. They introduce “Shark Music” as the soundtrack that confronts caregivers, created by their own experiences with emotionally unavailable adults.

To learn more, check out Being-With and Shark Music, available in English and Spanish: