Here are five ways educators can assist parents with building a stronger partnership between home and school.

  1. Get to know the adults around your child—Communicate with the new school. Become comfortable asking questions and asking for advice.
  2. Bridge the jump—Keep teachers, babysitters, other parents, and family members involved in the transition
  3. Focus on your family’s strengths—Share the successes from
  4. Focus on your child’s strengths—They are individuals and have their own strengths and needs. Share info about health, learning style, and personality.
  5. Team up—Network with other parents from school or the community who are also transitioning.

Parent preparedness is just as significant as a child’s preparedness when it comes to a successful school transition. The more prepared the parent is, the more confident and prepared the child will be.

Adapted from Parents as Teachers (PAT), Parent Page: Parent Preparation.