How did you learn about Head Start/Early Head Start?

I learned about the program searching the web for a school for my firstborn to attend. She is now almost 11.

Why did you choose Head Start?

I chose the Head Start program because it was close to our house and she would start learning the basic skills of socializing with others her age and start her journey through the education process.

How has your agency supported you with your HS children’s learning?

Plaza has helped all three of my children be social, and it created an environment that they were comfortable in to better grow their social and emotional skills. They created a stepping-stone to help them with motor skills, language, reading, and writing.

How has your agency supported you with your personal goals?

The agency has been a huge support at home by setting goals with us parents to accomplish with our children and helping meet those goals by creating packets or boxes of supplies to take home to continue the subjects learned in class at home.

What advice would you give to another parent looking for a school for their infant/toddler?

I have always given other new parents my opinion on my experiences with Head Start. It is always a good idea to enroll them early. They learn, play, take naps without realizing they are in a classroom environment. I believe it has helped my children be amazing elementary students. I hope many new parents find it just as special.