Director of Child Development Dr. Rosa Guerra commemorates the new Williams EHS center.

Liz Guerra, Program Manager, Quality Start LA, accepts a certificate of appreciation on behalf of HSEL Executive Director Keesha Woods. (Pictured, left to right: Vinh Ngo, Garvey School Board President; Anita Chu, Garvey School District Superintendent; Guerra; Choral Brown, LACOE Delegate Liaison Team Leader).

New playground outdoor climbing structure at Williams.












On Friday, March 11, Garvey School District held a ribbon cutting of its newest Early Head Start center, Williams. This event highlighted the beauty and quality of the facility and demonstrated the successful cooperation between grantee and delegate agency.

In-person services to toddlers and their families began on Monday, March 14, with nearly full enrollment. That milestone is a direct result of the quality and continuity of the comprehensive services children and families have been receiving for over a year through the home-based model while the new portable classrooms were under construction. A quality relationship was built with children and their parents over that time, and the previous “home visitors” have now become the EHS teachers through a seamless, thoughtful, and respectful transition.

In addition, the Garvey Education team has earned a reputation for giving full attention and maintaining high standards in every transition they encounter. This includes not only the start-up of this EHS center, but also the reopening of in-person services after we were providing Connected Learning (virtual) instruction during the Safer at Home Order. The resumption of in-person services districtwide happened a year ago in 2021, and the HS/EHS program was able to innovate and think outside the box to continue to provide the full range of curriculum activities that occurred pre-pandemic in new ways that emphasized health and safety.