This March, I had the great pleasure of traveling to Sacramento with parents from LACOE’s Policy Council. State Capitol legislative staff listened intently as our parents shared their individual journeys: struggles they and their children faced, specific teachers and staff who touched their lives, their successes and brighter outlook for kindergarten and beyond.

Everyone in our Head Start family has a story, more likely, many stories. Whether you’re a teacher, staff, parent, and/or partner please share that story. You know firsthand the impact that Head Start makes and not everyone does—they need to hear it from you.

There are many ways to share. Word of mouth is always powerful. You can subscribe to the National Head Start Association and Head Start California for opportunities to contact your state and federal legislators. Or contact our team to share with The Write Start or film a testimonial.

As we look ahead to the next program year, there are many seats open for children and families, and positions waiting for teachers and staff. The people are out there to fill those seats and those positions. They just may not know it. Your story can light the spark.

Enrolling is easier than you may think and we provide pathways to support those looking to enter or advance in the early learning profession. Families can call 877-PRE-K-KID (877-773-5543) to enroll. Prospective staff can visit or contact regarding opportunities.

Head Start touches lives, and it all starts with each one of us. Thank you for all you do.