Children under 6 years of age are at the greatest risk for lead poisoning because their brains and bodies are still developing. The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that child lead exposure at very low levels can negatively affect the normal development of children and may have lifelong impacts. About 1 in every 100 children under age 6 years old in California are found to have blood lead levels that could be harmful.  Do you know your child’s blood lead status?

By requesting their child’s doctor perform a blood lead test, guardians and caretakers are the first line of defense against lead poisoning and the best advocates to ensure their children are healthy and lead free.  Call your child’s medical provider to request a blood lead test today.

The test is a covered benefit and allows you to know if your child is lead free. For more information about lead poisoning and your rights regarding lead testing visit, contact your Head Start agency health services team or visit:

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