LACOE completed the first federal review of the 2019–24 grant cycle, Focus Area One, on May 4–8, 2020. The review was conducted remotely via WebEx through nine two-hour sessions that addressed program design and management, education and child development program services, health program services, family and community engagement program services, ERSEA strategies, fiscal infrastructure, and health and safety practices.

More than two dozen LACOE staff spoke on their respective areas of expertise during the review. In addition, members of the Policy Council, County Board of Education, and the Superintendent’s Executive Cabinet also participated in the governance discussion. Due to competing priorities brought on by COVID-19, delegate agencies did not participate directly, but specific examples they provided enriched all the discussions.

On June 30, 2020, LACOE received the official review results indicating NO FINDINGS. This review will be followed by Focus Area Two and Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) reviews later in the grant cycle.