Agency: El Monte City School District  

Center/Site: Jeff Seymour Family Center (EHS) and Columbia School (HS)  

How did you learn about Head Start/Early Head Start? 

The first time I learned about HS and EHS, I came across a flyer in a local farmers’ market. This was something that caught my eye because at that time I had two kids under three years old and I was pregnant. I was certainly in need of resources for early education. 

Why did you choose Head Start?  

I selected EHS and HS because they presented many choices in where to place my kids. At the time I had one child in EHS and one in HS and was pregnant. My agency offered so many resources throughout my pregnancy. I knew this was the best choice for a better future for my kids and me. 

How has your agency supported you with your children’s learning? 

My son that was in EHS has a speech delay, and my agency helped with resources and solutions to get the assistance we needed. We worked together as a team. My son is now in HS with advancements in growth and development. HS has also helped my daughter with transitioning to kindergarten.  

How has your agency supported you with your personal goals? 

My agency has helped me grow tremendously; I am not only the chairperson but I also attend LACOE Policy Council meetings and I volunteer with my agency. This helped with building leadership skills and progressing toward a better future. I am also part of the Career Development Initiative Pathway though UCLA to pursue a future career opportunity in my agency.  

What advice would you give to another parent looking for a school for their infant/toddler?  

My advice is to look no further; LACOE has many agencies all through LA County and provides a high-quality education for all children. Early education is the way to go. ECE builds a strong foundation that helps children develop the skills they need to become well-functioning adults.