Center: Northrup and Highland Park

How did you learn about Head Start/Early Head Start?

Learning about Head Start/Early Head Start has been one of the greatest things for my grandkids during the current stage of our lives. I have had custody of my grandkids for the last 23 months, and DCFS recommended the programs. Early Head Start/Head Start gave me the ability to provide a formal education for both of my grandkids as their education is my utmost priority.

Why did you choose Head Start?

I chose Head Start for my three-year-old so he could learn and improve his basic social-emotional skills with other children. I also chose Early Head Start Home-Based Option for my one-year-old so he could learn basic skills through formal instruction.

How has your agency supported you with your HS children’s learning?

Plaza de la Raza has provided support by collaborating with me to provide and enhance my grandkids’ educational goals and achievements.

How has your agency supported you with your personal goals?

Plaza de la Raza has supported me with my personal goals of allowing me to collaborate and work as a team to provide the best education for them, with the understanding that basic education comes from the home because we are the first educators in our kids’ lives. PDLR has enhanced the skills I have taught both of my grandkids at their early age.

What advice would you give to another parent looking for a school for their infant/toddler?

I can provide a parent’s point of view that we need to broaden our children’s education and provide them with more than one resource for their lives and their education. In order for our children to become successful in their lives, we need to work together toward their future success as productive adults.