Center: Ramona

How did you learn about Head Start/Early Head Start?

When my son was three or four months old, we went to a baby story time at the Norwalk library. As we were walking out of the library, a woman at a table with a sign that said “Free Preschool” stopped us and offered a free book. She shared about the Early Head Start program, and I was instantly hooked!

Why did you choose Head Start?

As a single mom who had recently stopped working, I was worried about providing those early learning and socialization opportunities for my son. Early Head Start gave our family the chance to access support and services that are normally reserved for others.

How has your agency supported you with your child’s learning?

My son began the program with no relationship or knowledge of his father. Through NLMUSD mental health services, they are now two peas in a pod! Although dad lives on the other side of the country, he has become our son’s biggest advocate by reading books, incorporating learning into every activity, and fostering creativity using the EHS curriculum. This miracle would not have been possible without our agency.

How has your agency supported you with your personal goals?

NLMUSD offers FREE parenting workshops and child development courses, which I took advantage of. I also joined the Policy Council, which allowed me to work with administrators and board members who are all passionate about serving our community. They gave me the confidence to go back to school and earn two degrees in under two years!

What advice would you give to another parent looking for a school for their infant/toddler?
Make sure the school you choose offers services for the whole child. Socio-emotional growth, physical health, and development of character are as important (if not more) as learning to count or sing the ABCs. Head Start does it all, and it is really rare to find that in early learning programs today!